eureka tower - MULTI-TOUCH illuminate table

June, 2007

GestureTek is proud to have been a part of the Eureka Tower project in Melbourne, Australia.  The Eureka Tower is billed as Australia’s new tallest building, so it seems only fitting that it’s also the home to the world’s largest multi-touch surface computing table. 

The Illuminate Table was a perfect fit, but such a big project called for a suitably impressive display, so what’s been installed is a remarkable feat of both function and design: an 18 by 5-foot table that seems to almost float above the floor. 

The multi-touch functionality allows several users to access information about key aspects of the building and the surrounding area, simply by pointing to a variety of icons on the table’s huge display area.

Eureka Tomulti - touch surface computing installation
business cases
multi - touch surface computing installation